Smart vocal agent

The conversational artificial intelligence that immediately and endlessy retranscribes, qualifies and pre-processes all requests.

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Stay available

Increase customer satisfaction with a quick and personalized engagement.

Relieve your teams from additional work load

Reduce costs by automating low-valued requests.

Reecall keeps on learning and improving.

Scale up

Leverage your agent’s processing abilities.

Real outcomes from the first calls.


Give your clients a customised welcome

Regardless the number of incoming calls.

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    Reecall qualifies, prioritizes and processes
    all your incoming calls.

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    Free your teams.

    Focus on high value-added calls.
    Reecall automatically processes a part of your calls, qualifies and prioritizes complex requests.

    Call back the right person, at the right time with the right information.

    Reecall observes, learns and improves everyday

    Our proprietary algorithms suggest new priority and management rules tailored to the situation.

    keep track of all your exchanges

    Reecall transcribes your calls and gives you access to the history in text and audio.

    Client :

    I’m calling to get an appointment with Mr Smith.

    Agent :

    Hello Céline, what are your next availabilities ?

    Reecall knows your contacts and their history.

    It nurtures your CRM/IS with value-added data.

    • CRM
    • POS
    • Help Desk
    • ERP
    • Business solutions
    • Commercial software

    You smart agent has experience with your line of business.

    • Beauty
    • Logistics
    • Real estate
    • Industry
    • Bank
    • Healthcare
    • Energy
    • Retail
    • Tech
    • Beauty
    • Logistics
    • Real estate
    • Industry
    • Bank
    • Healthcare
    • Energy
    • Retail
    • Tech


    Satisfied customers from the first week 🚀

    • Customer satisfaction is our job.
    • Reduce costs significantly & boost your customer relationship.
    • Our team of experts supports you in your project towards fast and concrete results.
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